Motorcycling holidays

Have you ever wanted to tour Spain on a motorbike or wanted to try enduro cycling? But would you like to avoid the 1,400km trip to get there, as well as the cost of the petrol and the charges for using the toll roads? Then we have just the solution for you:

We have a collaboration with a company that specialises in the transport of motorcycles from the Netherlands to Spain (Girona) and vice versa. You travel by plane from the Netherlands to Girona (or Barcelona) where we pick you up at the airport and take you to our B&B ‘El Ranxo’, where your own motorcycle will be ready for departure through the beautiful landscapes that Spain has to offer.

How it works:

You take your motorbike (about one week before your holiday) to a storage shed in Beek en Donk (Noord Brabant). There your bike will be secured on a specifically-designed transport rack (see photos) which ensures safe and secure transportation of the bike to Spain. Individual suitcases or bags can also be taken along with every motorcycle. When you arrive at our location in Caldes de Malavella, we will ensure that your motorcycle is ready to go again!

When you finish your motorcyle holiday, you can either ride your motorcycle back home, or you can let the transport company return it back to Beek en Donk, the Netherlands.

To make a reservation or to get a specific quote for this service, please contact us.


You can also stay with us for longer periods to give you time to make wonderful day trips from our B&B through the beautiful natural parks, to the Pyrenees or along the Costa Brava.

But, of course, you can also stay with us for just one night if you are planning to tour the Pyrenees or travel further through Spain.

To make a reservation or to get a specific quote for this service, please go to our reservations section.